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Airbrush MAKEUP

Airbrush Makeup is the secret to all Celebrities, it is the only way to achieve that beautiful glowing perfect skin . Whether you have spots, uneven skin-tone, tattoos or just want your makeup to look perfect without looking overly caked-on! Airbrush makeup has a smudge-proof and water-resistant formula which ensures that you feel confident that your make-up will last you throughout the whole day taking you into late evening without needing to touch up!  


Airbrush is the ONLY makeup that is now used to create beautiful skin from celebrities to film, T.V and Red Carpet events.


Our philosophy is very simple! - We believe that on you're Big Day you should Look, Feel & Become a Celebrity! Our mission is ALWAYS to ensure you look and feel like you are in you're very own Bollywood movie, whether you are the blushing bride or a beautiful bridesmaid!!

Airbrushing is a technique which has been adopted by makeup professionals for quite some time. It is predominantly used in film and television, more so with the development of HD however it has become increasingly popular for fashion and photography as well as everyday use.





Silicone Based Products
I use silicone based airbrush products which are heat resistant and well known for their amazing durability. The skin is still able to breathe with silicone products and is left feeling weightless, luxurious and natural all day. Silicone makeup also means there is no need for touch ups due to its long lasting qualities, making it ideal for brides and bridal parties.





Coverage & Correction
Airbrush makeup enables a fantastic coverage. It can be used to disguise tattoos and allows for the correction of skin blemishes and discolorations, leaving an all over even complexion and flawless finish.


Why Airbrush Makeup?
Airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin in a fine mist. The particles of makeup are tiny when sprayed through an airbrush as opposed to when it is conventionally applied and therefore less visible, allowing it to sit evenly and leave a completely flawless, weightless and natural finish . Airbrushing also has hygiene benefits in that it prevents product contamination and the spreading of bacteria.



C E L E B R I T Y    C L I E N T E L L E

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